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Belgian Bantam Clubs

Belgian Bantam Club of Australia

Antwerpse baardkrielclub (Barbu d'Anvers club)(in Dutch only)

Belgian d'Uccle Bantams and Booted Bantam Club (USA)

broken link....Belgian d'Anver Club (USA)

The Belgian Bantam Club (of UK)
  e-mail address:

broken link....Z O B K Breeders club: Rare True Belgian Bantams

 Dutch Sabelpoot Club
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Belgian Bantam Websites

"The Bantam Roost": Genetics & d’Uccles

Feathersite: d’Anvers:

Feathersite: d’Uccles:

broken link... Chickenbox: d’Anvers

broken link...Chickenbox: d’Uccles (page 1 & 2)

broken link...Chickenbreeds: d’Anvers

broken link...Chickenbreeds: d’Uccles

Shagbark Bantams: d’Uccles

French d’Uccle website:

broken link...Brushy Run d’Uccle website:

Rocking T Ranch & Poultry Farm: d’Anvers

Rare Breeds Trust of Australia: The Belgian Bantam

DaBarn: d’Anvers
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Poultry Genetics

"The Bantam Roost": Genetics on d’Uccles

The Coop, Poultry Breeding/Genetics discussion forum

broken link...Sellers website: Poultry Genetics

Chicken Color Genetics's%20WebPage/SILKYCHI.htm
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Chicken photos

Feathersite: Baby Chickens

broken link...Chickenbox: Baby Chicks

broken link...Chickenbox: Growing Chicks

broken link...McKinney & Govero: baby chick photo gallery
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Poultry Breeds & Varieties (pictures)

Feathersite: Poultry Breeds

broken link...Chickenbox: Breeds Parade, Colours & Translations

broken link...Chickenbreeds: Poultry Breeds
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Other Poultry Clubs, Breeds & Varieties

OEG Bantam Club of America website:

Kemp’s Koops OEG website:

Polish Chickens MSN website:

Rosecomb website:

Japanese Bantam Club of Great Britain:
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Poultry Health

broken link...QLD Dept. Primary Industries website

broken link...Animal Health Australia website:
National Animal Health Information System (NAHIS)Čify=-1&OIEclass=-1&dislist=Redo

broken link...Vineland Labs website: articles

The Merck Veterinary Manual

USA FDA Approved Animal Drug Products- NADA Search

Mississippi State University  website:

broken link...University of Maine:
Biological Control of Coccidiosis in Small Poultry Flocks

Shagbark Poultry Health Articles website:

broken link...Ontario, Ministry for Agriculture & Food:
Coccidiosis Control - Shuttle and Rotation Programs

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Poultry Translations

broken link...Chickenbox: language list: English translations

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