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Belgian d’Uccle Chickens

Chickens: click to enlarge
Millefleur & Columbian chickens:

1: Blue Millefleur

2: Blue Millefleur

3: Blue Buff Columbian

4: Lavender Buff Columbian

5: Buff Columbian

6: Red Millefleur

7: Porcelaine

8: Porcelaine

9: Silver Millefleur (& Db)

10: Silver Millefleur

11: Silver Porcelaine

12: Silver Porcelaine

Lavender Mottled chickens
Lavender Mottled chickens:

Black Mottled chickens
Black Mottled chickens:

Blue Mottled chicken
Blue Mottled chicken:

Quail chickens: click to enlarge
Quail chickens:

Blue Quail chicken
Blue Quail chicken:

Blue Silver Millefleur chickens
Blue Silver Millefleur chickens:

Brassy Back chickens
Brassy Back chickens:

e+, Db chickens
e+ (wildtype) with Db (dark brown) gene chickens:
e+, Db from day-old to adulthood
e+ (wildtype) with Db (dark brown) gene, from chick to adult

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