Brassy Backs


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Brassy back d'Uccles are not a recognised variety of Belgian Barbu bantams. These Brassy backs below have segregated from Quail & Blue Buff Columbian.

Brassy Back pair
Pair of Brassy back d'Uccles

Blue Brassy Back rooster
Blue Brassy back d'Uccle

Brassy Back hen
Brassy back d'Uccle hen

Silver Brassy Back cockerel
Silver Brassy back cockerel

Brassy Back hen, from day-old to young pullet
The same Brassy back hen as a chicken

Brassy Back rooster, from day-old, plus Blue Brassy cockerel
The same Brassy back roo & Blue Brassy back roo (bottom photo) as youngsters

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